So, where can I find HUD homes that are for sale?

Easy! Simply go to

This the resource for the HUD homes listed across the country from all brokers and sources. This is where consumers can go. It’s also where agents/brokers go to get their NAID numbers, submit bids on behalf of buyers and check bid results. The bulk of this site is open to the public. Some areas, including the bidding process require NAID number and logins to proceed. This is a good place for you to start and see what is out there. Your next step is contacting us so we can help you through this process with as little drama, frustration and delays as possible. You should ENJOY buying a home of any type.

HUD properties are listed within the Listing Broker’s MLS.

The only exception to this are homes designated in the “Lottery” Listing Period.

How to?

Go to:

Click on the state of Louisiana

Click on the FHA Case # link to the right of the photo.

This will take you to detailed property information which is specific to that property.

Read through all the details before you seriously consider pursuing the purchase of that property. If you want to, create a free account to save the homes you want to consider.

Understanding Property Details

HUD properties for sale have codes assigned to them, informing you of the home’s condition. You can easily spot which homes may be move-in ready or which ones need some extra TLC through Property Condition Codes.

Property Condition Codes

IN – Insured Property – All properties listed as “insured” are available for FHA financing. The originating lender is responsible for making the final determination whether the property meets Minimum Property Standards. (203b loans qualify here)

IE – Insured w/ Escrow Repairs – A property must have less than $10,000 in required FHA repairs to be an FHA 203b insurable property. The repair requirement is based off the appraisal ordered by the buyer’s lender. (203b with repair escrow loans)

UI – Uninsured – Properties listed as “uninsured” means that repairs or improvements exceeding $10,000 are required. These properties may qualify for FHA 203k financing, which is the rehabilitation loan program. Buyers may also opt to purchase with conventional financing or cash.

If you want to be an Owner Occupant

  • This must be your primary residence for 12 months and you cannot have purchased a HUD home as an owner occupant in the past 24 months.
  • If you are a parent buying a home for children, you are an investment buyer!
  • Note: falsifying HUD documents is punishable by up to a $250,000 fine and 2 years in prison.


Bid Submission Deadlines

Make sure you are eligible to bid and really pay attention to the deadlines including the TIME ZONES – sometimes it comes down to hours to complete the bid on time. You don’t want to miss out because you didn’t look at the time zone.

Eligible Bidder types include:

  • Owner Occupants, Nonprofits and Government Agencies Only
  • Good Neighbor Next Door Participants Only
  • Nonprofits and Government Agencies Only
  • All Bidders

Exclusive Listing Period

  • The Exclusive Listing Period refers to the time when bids may only be submitted for Owner Occupant buyers with 203b and 203b with Escrow financing.
  • Exclusive listing period for FHA-insurable homes is 15 days.
  • Bids coming in on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday will be grouped together for the Asset Manager’s consideration on Monday.
  • Bids coming in on a Federal holiday will be grouped with the previous day’s bids.
  • Bid-submission dates will be extended for bids made on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.
  • Bids for an earlier listing period are considered separately from bids from a later listing period.
  • For detailed information on bid submission, please go to the Help section on

But wait! If I’m an Investor Buyer, when can I bid on a HUD home?

Because HUD’s mission is to help potential home buyers to build sustainable neighborhoods, HUD gives early access to home bidding to home buyers with 203b and 203b with Escrow financing. After the initial bid window expires, the bidding opens to investment buyers.

The exclusive bid submission deadline date and time are listed under Listing Information on the Property Details page. For IN and IE, the investor buyer can bid on the property after the exclusive period has expired. Most often that will be the on 16th day on market. (example of bid information:)